Welcome to the home of Ruff Stuff Rompers, a new innovative dog apparel product. Our unique design is a combination of dog boots and dog clothing all-in-one. Protect your dog from the elements and never lose a dog boot again!

Ruff Stuff Rompers are so comfortable that most dogs who hate wearing dog boots will love wearing Rompers. imagesOL27WWRY

* Pay no Taxes  *   Take advantage of our low Canadian Dollar and Order your Romper Today!

* Only the best for your best friend *

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Our open back design allows your dog to remain cool on those messy days of Spring and Fall.

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In cold weather, your favorite doggie coat can be worn over-top of the Romper as our product has no bulky fasteners.

ROMPERS  repel SNOW * no more cold feet in frigid temperatures *

* avoid ice cuts on feet * avoid salt in the pads * no more snow sticking to the pads, legs and belly *

* MUD * Our dog apparel is made of water resistant fabric, helping to keep your dog clean and dry * Simply rinse Rompers in warm water and hang to dry*

* reduces grooming time *Repels BURRS and SAND* helps protect against sand fleas & grass ticks *